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Zeus03.jpg (52610 bytes) Zeus - Kyle's first two motor walker almost two years old and still walking.

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Turbie_Side.jpg (40529 bytes)

Turbie - Two Servo Turbot.

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Tiny_Tim01.jpg (32531 bytes)

Tiny Tim - Two motor walker with reverse.

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Bumblebee05.jpg (22817 bytes)

Bumblebee - Fred Photopopper

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The Brain - Three motor slider for John Simmons' contest. 

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Speedy07.jpg (85511 bytes)

Speedy - A Turbot like bot, that started out as a Turbot that didn't quite work out.

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Solarwalker01.jpg (25029 bytes)

Solarwalker1V0 - A simple Solarwalker

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Please contact Dave Simmons at with comments or questions. For further information there is a growing list of Links on the Links page.