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Turbie, Kyle's first Turbot is a rather simple little beast that seems to have a great deal of character. It often crawls over objects twice it's own height, measured when laying flat on the ground, and is a great Symet, or Popper, killer. Not that Kyle will let Turbie anywhere near any of his other bots. Turbie is modeled after a Solarbotics prototype that Kyle saw at the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) during the last very weeks of August 2000. He built it in September 2000  with some help on the motor drivers form Wilf.

Turbie_Front.jpg (35388 bytes)

Turbie - Front View [click image for larger view]

Turbie_Modeled.jpg (28934 bytes)

Turbie - Modled [click image for larger view]

Turbie_Cover.jpg (36644 bytes)

Turbie - Top Cover Off [click image for larger view]


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