Kyle's BEAM World



Solarbotics is the BEAM source for information, ideas, and most importantly the source for many of the hard to find BEAM components and kits. Check the site for a dealer in your area!

Andy's Solar Bugs Andy has a little side business going that covers off the odd BEAM items that are hard to find. Some great tutorials on the FRED solar engine, and a great "Hall of Fame."


Informative BEAM Pages A repository of BEAM, and BEAM related, information and web pages. Links A vast array of BEAM related links, makes major updates on this page a waste of time:) This really is the place to start.
Insectro´des Kyle says a must see site, very nice images of several interesting bots, including a one motor walker that is very cool! All by another young BEAMer.


Other Pages of Interest


Western Canadian Robot Games A very well put together Robot games and page, tons of pictures to give you  ideas for that next project or just to find out what Wilf really looks:)