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Currently a work in progress I hope to continue adding to the various sections and over time add circuits and perhaps a few tutorials. I hope that the efforts here can inspire those new to BEAM to make some of their own creations.

Kyle Kyle Was born in 1990, and started working with electronics about the age of 7 his first BEAM Symet, SMIT, was built near the end of 1999. He has been hooked ever since. 
Contact Please contact Dave Simmons at with comments or questions. For further information there is a growing list of Links on the Links page.



2001-10-21 Several Bots added including a solar walker.
2001-10-11 Group Shot added, a warning of what is come, and this is not everything Kyle has made. Been rather active for the last two years:)
2001-10-03 Bumblebee Added, and while links page will stay it now unlikly to be updated often, the new links pages are really the best place to start.
2001-09-20 Slider Added, and a few more corrections in general.
2001-09-17 Second stage, One more bot added.
2001-08-29 First Version of Kyle's BEAM World.


Group Shot