Solarwalker 1V0

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Solarwalker1V0 Likely the simplest solar walker that can be made, a 1381J Solar engine with a master/slave Bicore. All on one IC (74AC240) that also direct drives the Nihon gear motors. The SE drives the enables low as it fires and off it goes.

Completed- Sept/2001

Solarwalker02.jpg (58012 bytes)

It takes about a minute to charge the SE up to 3 Volts and then 20 to 30 seconds there after. The enable is triggered at the 3 Volt level and driven high at about the 2.7 Volt level. So no real problem for the two series 1F 2.5v Capacitors.  [click image for larger view]

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The leg design was inspired by pictures of the B.I.O. Bugs that Solarbotics had up a long time ago. For each charge it takes about 4 - 6 steps so not very fast, but left to its own devises it gets a fair distance it a few hours. [click image for larger view]

Solarwalker04.jpg (49441 bytes)

The longest, and most difficult, part of making  this walker was trying to make the frame strong and light, every frame element and the legs are various sized paperclips. [click image for larger view]
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