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A While back Kyle started free forming, following the tutorial on Andy Pangs site, Andy's Solar Bugs, after we picked up several kits. Once he had several Fred poppers that closely resembled Andy's he started trying to get smaller and smaller. This is the smallest he has managed so far.

Competed - April 28, 2001.

Bumblebee01.jpg (20764 bytes)

Bumblebee - Front View [click image for larger view]

Bumblebee02.jpg (35347 bytes)

Bumblebee - Very tightly packed pair of Fredse's, but Kyle still wants to go smaller! He has talked about finding surface mount transistors and resistors, but other projects are more pressing at the moment. [click image for larger view]

Bumblebee03.jpg (22436 bytes)

Bumblebee - Front view.  [click image for larger view]

Bumblebee04.jpg (25190 bytes)

Bumblebee - Very active in bright sun there are still times that if at just the right angle the SE freezes up. But rarely. It does not like to be titled forward on to its nose and when it is it hops back up right on the next firing of the se.  [click image for larger view]


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