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Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim is Kyle's second Two Motor Walker, built just before Christmas 2000. The first version, different legs and resistors that tied the Master Bicore to the Slave Bicore, caused a very noticeable limp. It just so happened that I was watching "A Christmas Carol" and I named him "Tiny Tim," the first time Kyle brought him out. The name has stuck even now that the limp is gone.

Tiny Tim_Front.jpg (32295 bytes)

Tiny Tim - Front View [click image for larger view]

Tiny Tim_Back.jpg (37074 bytes)

Tiny Tim - Back View [click image for larger view]

Tiny Tim_Top.jpg (38080 bytes)

Tiny Tim - Top View [click image for larger view]

Tiny Tim-Angle.jpg (34205 bytes)

Tiny Tim - Angle View [click image for larger view]
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