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The Brain

In the beginning...

Kyle had several Ideas for making his own Slider design, and those ideas are still, as time permits, going to be tested. However once he had a chance to sit down and read about Bruce's Slider he was hooked and just had to build one, contest or not. And this is the result.

Completed, the last week of August 2001.

Slider02.jpg (46692 bytes)Slider10.jpg (42347 bytes)Slider08.jpg (54913 bytes)

Front Views, maybe, of The Brain [click images for larger views]

The Brain, is based on Bruce Robinson's Slider with only a few minor changes. The control Circuit is the same, with different timing to mate the homemade gear motors. Instead of the 74AC240 motor drivers Kyle has used 74AC245's, one for each motor. Movement is erratic to say the least, Kyle talks about a pattern off one corkscrew inside of a second larger corkscrew, and finally inside of a third larger corkscrew. In other words, around, and around, and around, but never in the same place twice. One foot  slides clockwise at a time, and then all the legs slide counterclockwise together, so movement is rather slow.

Slider03.jpg (44887 bytes)Slider06.jpg (52136 bytes)Slider07.jpg (47913 bytes)

Gear Motor, close ups [click images for larger views]

A long while ago Kyle and I found these little (hahaha) brass windup timers and between the two of us found a way to mate the RM-1 motor to the gearbox. They are not the best but have started to prove themselves as cheap gear motors for almost any battery powered project. On average, it takes Kyle about an hour each gear motor to take all the useless parts out of  the timer, drill out the top plate, mount the motor, and reassemble the gearbox. But we get the timers for $0.50 each at a surplus store and the motors for $3.25.  That nets a large, cheap, gear motor that really works!

Slider09.jpg (48213 bytes)

Top view of Brain [click image for larger view]

It was likely the symmetrical shape of Bruce's design that drew Kyle to design and build his own Slider.

Slider04.jpg (63661 bytes)

Brain view of Brain [click image for larger view]

Proud father talk, I really like how Kyle has learned how to arrange his circuits on the pref. board (if only his room was this neat).

Slider05.jpg (62868 bytes)

Motor Drivers [click image for larger view]

Kyle likes to use everything he can to give his creations character, he was very pleased with how this shape came out on top. The Led comes on to indicate when the motors all move together. The light green hiding below is the 4.8v 550mAh NiMh rechargeable cell phone battery, that can power this little beast for up to two hours on an over night charge. He picked these Batteries up for a buck a set, very good deal with loads of power.


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